Apply for Helper or Trainee

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Apply for Helper or Trainee

Post by UltimateTeam123 on Mon Jul 03, 2017 9:22 pm

My Username: UltimateTeam123
Age: 14
Timezone: UTC+07:00
I can also speak Vietnamese and apart of English.
I played this server for 1 year and I founded this server on YouTube.
I can play 5 hours and 30 minutes/ days.
I used to be a Helper on a server now has been closed and I can use Helper commands.
I would probably mute the rule breaker or a hacker, so they do not disturb other players. Then if the problem persists, I would kick them or soft-ban them.
I will do all this things to improve the server:
- Advertisement the server to help server improve more.
- Find the rule breaker or hacker to report to staff.
- Invite more people to join the server.
- Show the server to my friends who also play with me.
Thanks for reading my topic. See you soon!


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