Application for Staff

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Application for Staff

Post by Timo on Mon Feb 20, 2017 1:12 am

Timezone/Country your living in:UTC - GMT Offset

Do you speak any other Languages? (apart from English)
Answer: As a helper for blazevortex as half the players are dutch i can speak dutch and english

How long have you been playing on the server and how did you find This Server?
Answer:2 days i found this server through the server pact

How many hours/minutes can you contribute to play a day?
Answer:1-3hours and on weekends 1-7 hours

Do you have any experience on being staff on a Minecraft server?
Answer:I as mentioned before i was a helper on the blazevortex server you can contact the staff-manager pringe on skype if you need confirmation. I was an Admin on the Leadcraft Server (sadly they shutdown) and i have experience as a developer as i used to own my own server

What would you do when a problem persists on the server?
Answer :They are serveral Scenarios that can occur on the server in a case of Advertising you would tempmute them accordingly

Also using caps is annoying to some players but in this situation you would warn them then tempmute then perm mute Swearing is also punishable by a temp mute.

Im assuming that using a Hacked Client is also a ban or an IP-ban (depending on  that staff members judgement)

How will you help Graveyard to improve?
Answer:As my Timezone is different to most other staff members i feel as if i might be able to be online when others cant even though hotel_makar still seems to come on quite alot

Personal note: I hope you consider my Application thank you for your time (PS. I also have skype)


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Re: Application for Staff

Post by Hotel_Makar on Thu Feb 23, 2017 8:43 pm

You need to play 12 hours before you can apply.

Thread locked as apply application has been answered.




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